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As I entered middle school and watched all the other girls around me developing breasts and growing taller I couldn’t wait till I finally got my period. At the time I didn't know much about all the symptoms of having a period I thought it would just give me bigger breasts. The deeper and bigger significance of a period was discovered much later. As I watched my friends talk to me about getting their periods I felt like an outsider and was embarrassed to admit I hadn't gotten mine yet. I was considered late for my age or at least it felt like I was. I remember how worried my mom would get as the years passed but I soon realized there really is no right time. My body decided on November 20th 2014 that it was time. Although my mom had educated me on periods and what they would be like I still had no idea what to expect. I was in 8th grade and during my 6th period class I felt something wet and rushed to the bathroom. When I pulled my pants down there it was a dark brown stain(which I initially thought to be poop). I immediately called my mom and told her what happened, she was so excited for me. With the help of my mom and school nurse I was given the proper sanitary items and was so excited to officially become a woman.

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