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Period Begone

The onset of my period was not subtle. It was heralded by severe pain. When I was thirteen years old, I had my first period. It was highlighted by relentless pain, which left me feeling nauseous and agitated. I immigrated from Jamaica to the United States as a young lady, and the struggle continued.

The pain impacted me so severely that I was advised to see the school nurse. As I dictated to her what my experiences had been like since the start of my period, she suggested consulting with a doctor. She added that based on what I was describing, the pain, and the heavy flow, birth control pills might be the best option.

My experience with the birth control pills was great. There was pain relief, and my flow was minimal. I am grateful that the school nurse took the time to have that conversation with me. After becoming pregnant and giving birth to my first child, I went back on birth control and found that it continued to give me great relief. A few years later, I noticed that despite being judicious about taking the pills daily, the flow and pain became unbearable again. I was in disbelief. I consulted with a doctor and was told that I had fibroids that were a substantial size. It tried to ignore it, but it could not be ignored. The pain and bleeding were relentless. I had a cesarean delivery with my daughter, so thoughts of surgery did not resonate with me. As I looked through options and consulted with my doctor, Uterine Artery Embolization was an option that fit the bill. I underwent the procedure in 2018 and must say that I have had great relief ever since. I no longer dread my periods.

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