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Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Doctor’s Stories

Real Patient Interactions

As we collaborate.  I would like to share some stories of patient interactions that will move, shock, entertain and most importantly inform you.  These stories will not be isolated to my interactions but others shared by friends and colleagues.

Let’s Connect

Untold Story of Boils

Let’s Shine a Light

As I entered the room for the patient interview, she approached me quietly requesting that I would examine her without a chaperone present.  I hurriedly explained our policy.  “The chaperone serves to protect both of us in the exam environment,” I stated firmly.  As she listened intently to my words.  Her next words caught me off guard. “ It’s just that it’s embarrassing”.

Touched By An Angel

As an Obstetrician/Gynecologist in training I had by this time performed tons of vaginal exams on pregnant women.  Although it was my second year in training, our labor floor was always busy and I felt confident managing laboring women.  On this particular afternoon a patient presented to our triage unit.  She was a patient we had never seen before.

Image by Julian Hanslmaier
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