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In the Middle

Let it Flow!

In the middle is exactly where you are you have passed through your first period and may need contraception or prenatal counseling and care.  We don’t want to miss an opportunity to offer relevant information to guide you along your journey!

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Dancing Women
Yoga Session

To Steam or Not to Steam?

A Hard No to Vaginal Steaming

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Vaginal steaming is not new but is a practice where women sit over hot water sometimes infused with herbs to detoxify or cleanse the vagina.  It is just one of many ways women feel they can clean and bring fresh renewal to the organ.  The vagina is a living breathing organ.  It has the important of job of being the gatekeeper for your pelvic contents.  It keeps a pH balance to decrease the risk of dangerous bacteria growing, spreading and causing irreparable damage.  Remember the vagina is a warrior fighting for you!
Please do not engage with any of the fads or fashions no matter who endorses it.  Moreover steaming your vagina can burn the tissue  and actually cause harm. I get it we feel that because of all the vagina goes through it deserves it’s own spa day.  The vagina however is built to withstand the pressure by resetting and repairing itself.  The more we try to manage it the greater the risk of harm.  Let the vagina do what it was meant to do! 


Cancer in the Shower

A Warrior’s Story…

At approximately 4:30 p.m. on November 20, 2020 my shower was interrupted.  I felt a lump in my right breast.  I got dressed while simultaneously calling my primary care doctor’s office.  The receptionist told me that I could not walk-in due to the Covid-19 restrictions.  She advised that I would need to make an appointment and was trying to take my information when I hung up the phone.  She could not have understood what was going on with me.  I headed to the office and after pleading my case, I was seen by a different doctor than my own.  Inside I knew I something was wrong.

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