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The Early Years

You Are Full Of Beauty and Potential

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Let’s Talk About Eggs!

You are born with all the eggs you will ever have…

As women one of the functions of our reproductive system is to produce eggs.  This begins before we are even out of our mother’s womb.  At about 5 months while still in our mothers we have about 6-8 million eggs in our ovaries.  No new eggs will ever be made after this.  Eggs die constantly  approximately 10,000 die each month.  At birth we have approximately 1-2 million.  
At puberty a girl is left with approximately 300,000-400,000 eggs.  
Let’s do everything we can to keep these eggs safe!

Egg Delivery

Eyes Wide Open

My Changing Body

The hormonal changes that influence our development and growth lead to physical and emotional changes.  The changing body can present a great challenge for young women and may even be a factor in them being bullied. From the breast buds, to the vaginal discharge, to the monthly periods here’s a look at what is behind all these changes.

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