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Eyes Wide Open

My Changing Body

The hormonal changes that influence our development and growth lead to physical and emotional changes.  The changing body can present a great challenge for young women and may even be a factor in them being bullied. From the breast buds, to the vaginal discharge, to the monthly periods here’s a look at what is behind all these changes.

Puberty occurs when your body changes becoming more like an adult.  It may start as early as 8 years old or as late as 13 years old.  How does puberty begin?  It starts when your brain sends messages to certain parts of the body telling them to start growing and changing.  The name given to these messages are hormones.  Hormones are chemicals that control our body functions.  

Hormones cause the following changes with puberty:

  • Growing taller and gaining weight

  • Hips may get wider

  • Breasts grow 

  • Hair growth under the armpits

  • Hair growth on vulva

  • Change in body odor

  • Pimples, acne

  • First period

Knowing what to expect helps you to prepare for these changes.   There will be less of a shock as you notice the breast growth, pubic and armpit hair growth, the growth spurt with the period close behind.  Embrace your changing body and the miraculous journey it will take you on. 

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