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The Vagina's Rebuttal

I know this sounds incredible and maybe even a little crude as the topic of any discussion. I admit that a small part of me wants to draw the reader in with this curious topic. Rebuttal has many definitions, one being the defense of something. Why would anyone need to write a defense piece for the vagina? I plan to take the time to lay it out.

I have been a practicing Obstetrician and Gynecologist for over 20 years. In that time, like my patients, I have experienced what I like to describe as an evolution. I have evolved as a healthcare provider, woman, mother, friend and wife. It is this experience that leads me to better see a power I have held for a long time but never fully realized. This could be compared to being resource filled but viewing yourself as deprived. I am not saying that I have it all figured out, but I see life differently and today I appreciate more than ever, the “power of the vagina”.

My mantra is”I am a tree firmly planted. My leaves are green, my roots grow deep and I shall not be moved”. This took time to resonate with me because of the self doubt that crowded my mind. What does positive thinking have to do with the vagina? I am glad you asked.

When we look at the female reproductive system there are many players who could take center stage. For a woman trying to get pregnant the focus is her ovaries. How many good eggs do I have? For others it may be the Fallopian tubes being clear and functional. Others may focus on the cervix. For me the key player is the vagina. A built in security system that reduces the risk of bad bacteria traveling up into the other reproductive structures. Leading to infection and irreparable damage to the other reproductive structures. The vagina delivers alerts through discharge, irritation or bleeding. Are you getting the picture. It is a warrior fighting for you!

As we continue to explore the functional aspects of the vagina we will rebut the skeptics who call it dirty. We will rebut those who commit heinous violent acts against women. We will collaborate sharing stories of struggle, victory and growth. We will continue to explore the vagina, its rich history and how to harness its power.

Let’s Collaborate!

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